Bonding is a conservative way to repair slightly chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth. During dental bonding, a white filling is placed onto your teeth to improve the appearance.

The filling “bonds” with your teeth. Because it comes in a variety of tooth-colored shades, it closely matches the appearance of your natural teeth.

Tooth bonding can also be used for teeth fillings instead of silver amalgam. Many patients prefer bonded fillings because the tooth color is much less noticeable than the silver amalgam. Bonded fillings can be used on front or back teeth depending on the location and extent of tooth decay.

We do not place silver amalgam fillings in our dental practice. You may have silver amalgam fillings in your mouth that are completely healthy. Dr. Day only recommends removing silver amalgam fillings if the existing filling/tooth is damaged or if you simply want to make cosmetic changes to your smile.

Bonding is less expensive than other cosmetic treatments and usually can be completed in one visit to our office. However, it can stain and is easier to break than other cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers. If it does break or chip, let us know. The bonding may be able to be replaced or repaired in one visit.

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